Founded in 2004, Messenger is now owned and operated by Jerome and Angela Schmeidler. Our inventory includes Catholic books, bibles, apologetics, holy cards, rosaries, crucifixes, statues, sacramentals, gifts, music, films, and art. We specialize in carrying a wide range of essential prayer and devotional books. Looking for a Christian gift with meaning? We carry items for First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Baptism, Memorials, RCIA, and Holy Orders. Our mission is to evangelize the entire world for Christ through the Immaculata and to be living messengers of light in a dark world. Thank you for your patronage, we are humbled by your prayers and support. 

Origin of Crusade:

"Marked with the Cross" 

    Originally as croisade in 16th century. Based on Latin crux or cruc meaning "cross" and earlier French croisée, literally "The State of Being Marked with the Cross". Later influenced by Spanish "cruzado" in the 17th century. The blending of these two forms led to the current spelling, first recorded in early 18th century.